Angler’s Delight

by | May 19, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

The beach lies perfect like a golden carpet
Not a ripple to be seen
A vast expanse washed by the tide
A view of cleanliness pristine
Overhead the gulls are winging
Giving out their mournful cry
Ever searching for a tasty morsel
Thrown by a sympathetic passer- by
Boats at moorings now left aground
Rusting chains and buoys abound
Seen by the diggers with forks in hand
Trying to unearth worm bait from the sand
To satisfy the anglers wish
As on the next tide he hopes to find fish
On the safety of his trusty boat
Which once more on the rising water
Will soon safely float
Propelled again to a favourite spot
And then at anchor ride
Waiting to see what Neptune brings
On the ever rising tide
For a vast selection of fish lies hidden
From the eager Anglers eye
As he casts his bait to the open water
And sometimes wonders why
His efforts are unsuccessful
While others catch with every cast
And then his luck has quickly changed
As he reels in his catches quite fast
But he knows too well when the tide has turned
And the waters start to recede
Gone are his chances of catching fish
As they are now off the feed
So he reels in the line and stows the tackle
Starts the engine and heads for the shore
Where he’ll secure the boat to the mooring
His fishing trip is over once more


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