Animal madness

by | Jul 14, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

Last week I was in Grantham

Looking after someone’s cat

It wasn’t such a hard job

So what was wrong with that?

The situation changed me

My conversation grew

Every day this cat and I

Chatted word and mew

Meow meow this cat would say

And then I would reply

I don’t know what the neighbours thought

As they walked quickly by

This week I have a new task

(I haven’t travelled far)

Taking care of fish and bird

In Royal Leamington Spa

What could be wrong with that job

Is what I hear you say

Well now I’m talking parakeet

They’ll soon take me away

With squeaks and squawks and whistles

A word or two thrown in

I talk to tanks of fishes

And a bird which makes a din

I saw that Dr. Doolittle

I watched it on T.V.

He didn’t seem at all as mad

As I appear to be


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