Another boring night in Belfast

by | Dec 2, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

‘ Q ‘ cars painted yellow
Next week painted red
Have to keep then guessing
Or we’d end up dead

Driving through the ‘ Falls ‘
Two-up in the car
Following ‘ The hit-men ‘
Heading for the bar

Every night for one long week
Their pattern stayed the same
The ‘ hit-team ‘ going in the pub
They’re playing deadly games

But not tonight, they drive on past
A quick change in their habit
Are they on the mission,
Or just out shooting rabbit ?

The ‘ Divis Flats ‘ sweep by us
The ‘ Dickers ‘ on the street
We follow at some distance
Peering through the sleet

We check our ammunition
The magazines are full
We place our pistols on our knees
This night is not so dull

We head out of the City
Past homes in leafy lanes
Into the Lisburn suburbs
where no one here complains

A lonely house their target
No street lights down this path
The occupants oblivious to
The coming Gunman’s wrath

The ’ Hit team ’ knock upon the door
Their pistols drawn ready
They don’t hear us behind them
Our pistols aimed and steady

Two rounds in the gunmen’s backs
Two double-taps then follow
The blood flows from between their lips
They had no time to swallow

Then silently we leave there
As quiet as we came
Two bodies left outside the door
Two pawns lost to the game

The R.U.C will come soon
They’ll know what we have done
But blind eyes will be turning
‘ The Det ‘ has been and gone

They will take the credit
The praise they will collect
For saving someone’s life tonight
Ignore us, I suspect !

We didn’t come for ‘ Glory ‘
We’re told ‘ Don’t shoot to kill ‘
But we’re not Politicians
So justice we instil

We drive back to the City
Another ‘ op ‘ complete
And live to fight another day
The silent ones, ‘ elite ! ‘


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