Another mans War!

by | May 19, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

My baby’s all grown up now, and fighting another mans war
Although still a child himself, he’s on an Iraqi tour
I can’t explain my feelings of helplessness and despair
My need to hold and hug you, and show you that I care

My thoughts are always with you, I’ve shed a silent tear
That you’re kept safe from harm, and soon be back home here
My hearts overwhelmed with pride, of the person you’ve become
You’re achieving your goals; I am the proudest Mum.
I know the Army’s your family for now, and you’re watching each others backs
I hope that is enough for you, and not just papering over cracks.

Your young eyes will see sorrow, hate, despair, and pain.
Keep true to yourself son, and let your dignity remain.
When it’s all over, and your back home safe and well
My shoulders are here to lean on, what ever you wish to tell.


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