Another soldier dies

by | May 8, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Another soldier dies
His comrades stand with tearful eyes
The Hercules dips its wing
As sad voices try to sing

His body is carried off the ramp
Lost relatives stand in the cold and the damp
The carrying party take him to the hearse
As the chaplains quote from sacred verse

A dignitary offers condolence
As a shattered family look on in silence
Their son died with so much violence
They wish the dignitary would just stay silent

His body is taken back to his home town
For soon he will be in a hole in the ground
Sadness can be felt all around
In this quiet little town

The day has come
His family try to look their best
As their son is laid to rest
The community comes together
Despite the dreadful weather

The firing party fires the volleys
As the shots ring out
Birds take fright and fly through the air
As a dead soldiers spirit stands there

He may be lost
He may be gone
But he will never be forgotten


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