Another Year Wasted

by | May 7, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

Another year spent, another year wasted.
Another year kept, from the joys I could’ve tasted.

Another year spent, for those disappointed in me.
Another year spent, being the person i’m NOT supposed to be.

All the hopes and dreams I had for the years ahead,
Are now distant memories, filled with sorrow and dread.

I once had a plan, I had my life on track.
Now I just wish, I could have those years back.

I can once remember a time, before the heartbreak and the drugs.
A time filled with trust, many kisses, and hugs.

I have caused so much worry, heartache and pain.
Often times I wonder if things could ever be the same.

I not only hurt myself, I hurt those who care.
Many people don’t realize, the heavy cross I bear.

All the goals I had for the future, have come and gone away.
The pain of failure haunts me, each and every day.

I fear I’ve lost control, of the life I once had.
I never would’ve dreamed, things would ever get this bad.

Drugs have taken from me, my home, my car, and my wife.
The pain these drugs have caused me, cuts me like a knife.

My life has been filled with heartache, many drugs, and hell.
Now I find myself struggling, just to stay away from jail.

I’m not so happy now, I havent been in years.
When I stop to think about it, I can’t control my tears.

I’ve tasted true love, only once in my life.
I thought she was the one, so I made her my wife.

It seems I chose poorly, for she was’nt the one.
I woke up one morning, and sadly she was gone.

I’ve had my heart mistreated, cheated on, and broken.
Wondering what words I should’ve said, but often left unspoken.

A broken heart cannot be fixed with regret, time, or glue.
Only healed by another love, who’s faithful, kind, and true.

Everyone I love, seems to go away.
Leaving my life empty, at least for today.


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