Anxiety and Beyond

by | Jul 24, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Withdrawn and un loyal
That’s all they seem to be
I can’t seem to find the answers anymore
Which once lye upon this tree

In honesty
Lies a test of character
Where only truth will cease the day

Give me your shelter and I’ll
Return with faith n good health
If stars were souls
And clouds were a heart

Would it be the answer to
My ongoing aching heart
I wish for an answer
If that be given

As to why I get a repeated anxiety
Within my quivering heart
What went wrong?
Where did the anxiety come from?

It rises from no where
And cannot go within a trace
It must be solved through a riddle

Only one person can solve
This pain
It lies within the aching heart
It is me who must
Solve the anxious
Pain ….

Here I must start …


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