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Off the train to waiting dogs
schnell! schnell! and misery’s slog
heil seig heil! from Aryan eyes
Nazi flags and darkening skies.

Tattoo needles sneer and snarl
rasping all with ugly gnarl
spectacles piled in blinding heap
golden teeth corrode and weep.

Sons and daughters torn apart
one last glance for broken hearts
then labour gangs begin starvation
life grinds down in desperation.

The naked queue for cleansing ‘baths’
about to breathe their very last
about to breathe the Zyklon B
work makes free, you wait and see.

Fingers gouge in concrete wall
faces numb, slump and fall
generations groan and die
a genocide of gas and sigh.

their flesh is fuel for funeral pyre
fanning flames of hatred higher
evil and efficiency drives
some were even burnt alive.

This is all dictatorship
that drags you off and cracks the whip
that labels you with yellow star
that blackens you with brutal tar.

Survivors live like shattered shells
forced to march through slaughtered hell
given up by silent God
refugees from firing squad.

Some imprisoned, some were swung
the guilty numbered all but one
some will say he got away
fought to flee another day.

But silent God he never lies
you can run but never hide
and one day when the world is free
Der Fuhrer, you will come to ME.


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