Are you growing old

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When you wake up in the morning
Do you turn over once or twice
Just to clear your head a bit
Or was sleep just Paradise
Is the Sun too bright on the window
As you look through bleary eyes
Or when you stand are you feeling dizzy
It may be then you realise
That age is catching up with you
Things just don’t seem the same
When you can’t climb into the bath
On what do you lay the blame
And when the shower is running
You suddenly drop the soap
While holding on to the safety rail
To retrieve it you have no hope
So you have to make do with the shower Gel
But be careful not to spill on the shower mat
‘cos you feet might suddenly lose their grip
And on the floor of the bath you’ll be sat
If they say you’re growing older
Well maybe that’s O K
Do you put your teeth in a glass at night
And wear them during the day
Is your hair still bright and Golden
Or is that now 50 shades of grey
And do you tell the others around you
You like your life that way
It may well be that your knees complain
When you try to take a walk
Or you may have difficulty hearing
When others care to talk
Do you dip you biscuits in your Tea
To make them easy to swallow
And a bowl of Soup and dippy bread for Lunch
With a Strawberry yoghurt to follow
Then it’s time for your afternoon nap
The old fashioned forty winks
They used to say to re-charge your batteries
But their warranty is running out methinks
Then after some bread and jam for Tea
And a nice piece soft sponge cake
It’s time for a couple of hours T V
Before the night time Cocoa they make
Preceded of course by a wee dram of Scotch
Or for Maritime men a tot of Nelson’s blood
Always used for medicinal purposes
Or so I always understood
So now it’s time to climb the stairs once more
The solace of sleep to seek
Just at the time of day that you think
You’ve only just reached your peak
Or was it the effect of the night-cap
That new life flowed into your veins
Completely relieving your troubles
And most of your aches and pains
So it’s on with your “jammies” and into bed
And on the pillow your head you place
Then suddenly a last trip to the bathroom
Or wake up in the morning in disgrace
For some may say it’s the passage of time
Others just gain maturity I’m told
Enjoy every day as tho’ it was your last
That’s the benefit of “Growing Old”


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