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Children of each united state,
Enjoy their childhood young and bold,
Only thinking of each passing hour
No thoughts of what their futures hold.
Cowboys, Indians, soldiers too
Are all the games they like to play,
Until at last its time for bed
With mothers love to end each day.

Exciting times now unfold
At college campus with their peers,
Choices to make and jobs to choose
To study hard throughout the years,
Teachers help their minds to grow
To nurture and to guide with pride,
To win the honour, graduate
With caring elders by their side.

Enrolling into military school
Children now turned into men,
Teaching them the ways of war
Marching time and time again.
Too many things for them to think of
So much for safety they must learn,
Under protection of their commanders
Their welfare is their main concern.

In battlegrounds they fight for good
Wherever evil shadows rise,
Not thinking of themselves at all
They fight on ground and in the skies,
Within the passing nights and days
Some children of the states will fall,
But memories will never fade
Of those who answer of the call.
From mothers hearts to commanders arms
In Arlington our heads we bow
We honour their final resting place
In her embrace, she holds them now.


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