Armistice Day

by | Nov 9, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

It’s 11 am on Armistice Day
A truly reverent scene
Row upon row of yesterday’s Soldiers
Veterans now but just as keen
As they answered the call as young men & Women
To fight for the right to be free
From the possible threat of Dictators
Stealing their country’s liberty
Year after year since 1918
ex Servicemen young and old
Return here to the Cenotaph
To remember fallen colleagues bold
They march so proud, with their heads held high
Chair bound and invalids too
To honour the dead and fallen
Brothers in arms through and through
Every possible Service represented there
Thinking as one, in accord
There were those who saved their homeland
Those who fought terrorism abroad
With their heads to the right, as they pass the Queen
To give the time-honoured salute
Today they’re here to pay homage
From the Veterans to the raw recruit
They’ve come to a halt and there’s silence
For the Service and then the wreath’s are laid
Then as their heads and standards are lowered
Each in his own way prayed
In unison with the lone Bugler
As he blew the Last Post
Many with a tear on their faces
Remembering their personal Ghost
Of battles past when colleagues they’d lost
Tho’ never far from their mind
And on an occasion such as this
Comfort and peace they can find
The call now comes for “ Attenshun”
The Bearers their Standards now raise
The Old Soldiers march off in formation
To conclude one of Britain’s proudest Military Displays.


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