Army Life

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When you sign on the line to be a Military man
After much thought and consideration
It is usually met by other Family Members
With a hint of worry and some trepidation
It is not a subject to be met lightly
When a Service career you wish to pursue
As it differs so much from Civilian life
Where discipline will be ultimate to you
No more can you adopt a carefree approach
As you travel through life the Army way
Where you’ll be trained to act as a Team together
And your lives may depend on it one day
In the past the situation varied slightly
When Conscription was necessary to fill the need
Where Civilians under Mandate had to leave chosen Professions
And were trained to fighting units at speed
But they all fought together in Combat
As loyal Brothers in Arms side by side
For in battle the enemy was never selective
And sadly both Conscripts and Regular soldiers died
But even today as in all those years ago
We have Territorials or “Terriers” for short
Always fully trained, on standby, for emergencies
In case there were battles to be fought
So now you have made the decision
To follow in the Military path of those before
Where you’ll carry out the role of a Professional Soldier
And operate in any chosen necessary Theatre of War
You’ll don the Uniform of one of Britain’s chosen Regiments
To serve the Country, the Flag and the Queen
Act as Guard, Liberator or Peacekeeper
All this maybe for a lad just a mere Eighteen


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