Artistic Gardens

by | Jun 14, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Overhead the clouds are floating
Like a blanket of white in the sky
Interspaced here and there with patches of blue
As slowly they pass us by
The wind is blowing a gentle breeze
In which the trees seem to bend
Ever aware that if the wind should cease
Rain from the clouds would descend
On our ever thirsty gardens
Awaiting a Summer shower
So gently it falls and fresh is the scent
On the shrubs and every welcoming flower
Saving the gardener just one of his chores
To keep them with water supplied
For he knows the serious consequences
Of the plants, if of moisture they are denied
All this can be seen as round the garden you stroll
Admiring the beautiful view
Creating a colourful Floral image
As most well-kept gardens do
Do you think sometimes of a gardener as an artist
As with care he arranges plants and flowers in beds
Is he painting with the vibrants and pastels
Of myriads of flowers with variegated coloured heads
For some that I’ve seen make me sit back and think
Of the amount of thought and planning there displayed
And the care and dedication of the horticulturist
As he plies his knowledge of the trade
Green fingers and love of the garden are essential
If good results you aim to achieve
But now as the Sun sinks the flowers close their heads
And it’s once again time for me to leave


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