As all soldiers die

by | Mar 29, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

I can’t remember the last time I felt my mother’s warm embrace
I don’t even remember when I last looked upon her beautiful face
I’m not that sure if my memories are false but I think she loved me most of all
But I might be wrong she probably loved all of her children equal

I won’t dwell on the past there is nothing to gain I know she’s here with me now
I can feel her close, smell her near and hear her words as she strokes my brow
I feel so at peace, overpowering warmth swept away by the love she shows me as I lie
I know how I feel and I know what feels real and lying by her now I know why I cry

They all come close my father and the brother I lost in a battle last year
I feel confused but I feel enthused as they talk to me now I feel no fear
My father smiles he never did that too often he seems so calm so closer to me now
It all seems surreal I’m confused how I feel my family making me feel safe somehow

They are all looking down a smile on every face, warmth I have not felt before
I don’t really care what is going on I only know I have my family here once more
As the blood starts to flow and the wound gapes open on the grass where I lie
My family pick me up hold me close take me away from the field where I die.


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