As I look at the death mounds

by | May 22, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

As I look at these death mounds
I can hear no sound
No birds can be heard
For here lies so many dead

The head stone says it all
These poor souls who did fall
Did they die in battle?
Underneath a machine gun rattle

No they were gassed to death
Nazi propaganda took away their breath
The final solution was the cry
All Jews must die

A child starts to cry
A mother asks why
Why must we die?
The Nazi guard just cries
It is orders from on high

The door handle goes clunk
The Jews hearts they have sunk
As the gas is released
They all start to wheeze
It is so hard to breath

The death camp job is done
For they have left no one
But even in death there can be no peace
For the workers must now remove the gold teeth
Even their hair is not spare
Is there no end to this despair?

When the war came to an end
And this cruel story began to unfold
The horrors of the camps had to be told
How can man be so cruel?
What gives anyone the right to rule?
The final solution was not the answer
In fact it was a f****** disaster


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