As I stood in uniform

by | Jun 10, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

As I stood in uniform dressed smartly on that day
I hoped for just a dream and prayed that it would go away
I was wishing I held a glass, which I was about to raise
In honour of those lost souls who had always been brave

But we lifted with graceful tenderness our friend on shoulders high
Knowing that he would be heading to find his peace in the sky
Six comrades standing as one yet all were wondering why
The warrior on our shoulders had been the one who had to die

We felt as one together it should have been one of us
Within our group together we knew that each had trust
We always covered each other’s backs supporting each other
Not thinking that this day would come, carrying our lost brother

If in truth a God there be is he not supposed to care?
Why take the lives of those so young, why cause hearts such despair
Flag draped coffin a comrade missed, yet carried with honour and pride
This land we see so full of grief which no one can ever hide

By Kenny Shand & David McDonald


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