A’Sailing we will go

by | Jun 29, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

We’re tied alongside the dock now
Waiting for the tide to rise
And soon we’ll be setting sail again
Under the clear blue skies
But there upon the Horizon
A hint of cloud in the sky
As we check the forecast for wind speed
And the sail lashings untie
It’s time for us to leave now
And the mooring ropes we shed
Bound for another sea adventure
And wonder what lies ahead
The diesel engine’s running smoothly
Then down the estuary we move
Hoping for a change in the wind
Our sailing to improve
For now we are clear of the river
Out into the open sea
I wonder what today will bring
Perhaps something new to me
So it’s time to unfurl the sails now
And watch as with wind they billow
To push our vessel across the waves
As a head laid gently on a pillow
For a sailor can liken a trip to a bed
Under the skies where he can live his dreams
Which sometimes turn to nightmares
In storms and rain that teems
We’re sweeping over the waves now
Travelling at reasonable speed
Now it’s time to let out the Spinnaker
When all our hopes we’ll exceed
To travel the English Channel and back
In the shortest possible time
Hoping for no serious difficulties
That means the Mast we’d have to climb
But with the Tide and a good wind behind us
We soon made the coast of France
But now we hope for a change of wind
That our return journey will enhance
For if the wind were behind us again
On the long journey back
It would cut the need of a sailors art
Without necessity to tack
As we glide along in silence
Bar the sound of the Sea on the bow
And the screech overhead of the Seagulls
We’re in sight of the English Coast now
So it’s time to reel in the Spinnaker
Perhaps enjoy a “tot” or two
As we’re getting ready to enter the River again
When there’s plenty of chores to do
We’ve stowed away the foresail now
As we approach the estuary quite fast
With only the mainsail catching the wind
As our journey is nearly past
So once again we hear the gentle throb
As the diesel motor we start again
To aid us into a docking position
A manageable speed to maintain
Then lower the remaining sheet from the wind
At the dockside we moor up Bow and Stern
And I wonder how many more trips like this,it takes
Before Sailsmanship I’ll eventually learn


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