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Floating Free,
From a violent birth I flee,
Never returning.
Once I was burning,
Now rolling and turning;
An asteroid, my fate to be.

Floating free,
Cold and lifeless I must be,
Without purpose or place.
Just empty space,
In sorrowful grace,
Sailing through eternity.

I’ve lived the loneliness of a billion years
In crushing silence; the hum of the spheres.
Always the blackness and faraway lights,
An occasional star or planet more bright.
Having no sense of direction at all,
I am unaware if I rise or I fall.

Floating free,
Bearing neither grass nor tree,
I carry no seed.
Hanging at speed,
Like a cosmic steed
Charging through infinity.

Floating free,
Searching for my destiny.
Of metal and stone,
And cold to the bone:
For so long alone,
Drifting through the galaxy.

Then I see a young world coming to view;
All pretty colours; brown, green and blue.
A beautiful planet that is living, and fair,
Oblivious, and serenely hanging there;
Ever nearer and bigger, and crossing my path,
I can foresee a terrible aftermath.

It could not resist
My ever clenching iron fist.
Crude and cragged,
Rough and ragged,
Sharp and jagged,
Angrily hissing and trailing a mist.

In envy I watch what I cannot avoid;
What I could not be, by me is destroyed.


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