At End of Tether

by | Sep 6, 2016 | Poetry | 0 comments

Confession (hath been said) ‘tis good for soul
Whilst contemplating ‘end of rope’ demise
Helps concentrate the mind; brings self control
‘Fore dread of what’s to come, thru fear belies
O’er years the same routine hath oft’ played out
‘Ere final walk to gallows sealed known fate
Where breakfast of last choice could do without
Lest all may see the contents of one’s plate
Tis dangle of the rope which now holds sway
As I recount thru chosen words, held thoughts
Neath shadow of the noose, doth softly Pray
For last reprieve before my form contorts
“Perchance said Hangman’s tied himself in knots”
(Twud be my luck for crowd to then draw lots)


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