At The End of The Day

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

My Grandson wakes from his afternoon sleep, life’s worries for him so far way,
I greet him with hugs, and kisses and as he becomes fully awake, he just want’s to play,
What will he be, Footballer, Fireman, Priest, Straight or Gay?
I do hope it matters At The End Of The Day.

Bush met with Puttin for a remembrance parade sixty years to the day,
They seen tanks and soldiers and each had their say,
No more wars or there will be hell to pay,
I do hope they mean it At The End Of The Day.

Another Pope takes his seat in the traditional way,
St. Peters square is full as they listen and pray,
Absolute no contraception that’s not the way,
Maybe he could bend At The End Of The Day.

What about Africa? I think I hear you say,
Ignore the hungry and they will go away?
We try and help with all that we pay,
I hope they help each other At The End Of The Day.

Europe is almost united and sits on display,
This is how its done the economical way,
We have the Euro and its here to stay,
Not very democratical At The End Of The Day.

I’m not saying this for something to say,
Hatred, Hunger, Pain, the word of the day,
We have to change it to a better way,
Because we all DIE At The End Of The Day.


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