Atlantic Seas

by | Jun 14, 2013 | Poetry | 0 comments

The whitecaps are raging on Newfoundland’s shores,
The ship is awaiting the Motherland’s call,
Dark clouds are looming and wild the wind roars,
The mighty Atlantic’s challenge once more,
Sailors are bidding their loved ones farewell,
Out from the harbour and into the swell,
Lesser hearts tremble yet gallantly go
Into the darkness to seek out the foe.

The Watchmen arise from their hammocks and go,
Up to the Bridge in the sleet and the snow,
Shipmates asleep in the mess deck although,
The Asdic is searching the waters below.
Now comes the moment that they’ve waited for,
Contact is made and the battle is on.
Loud goes the Klaxon, the ship springs to life,
The Convoy on fire and dire is their plight.

Pitching and rolling and lurching as she,
Bravely fights with the foe and the sea,
Into her side the torpedo strikes,
Huge is the blast that sets her alight.
Hope is all gone for the men trapped below,
Over the side the others must go,
Wounded and dying she slips out of sight,
Men are left struggling alone in the night.

The news coming back to the families ashore,
Tells them of loved ones they’ll see no more,
Who will remember when this War id done,
Now that it’s over and victory is won.
Now comes the call to those who are left,
Of this brave fight we must never forget,
So now as we sing “True north strong and free”
Let us remember the price paid at sea.


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