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Life’s gone by so quickly
Since I were but a lad
And I often sit back and reflec t on the past
The good things and the bad
My mind wanders back to WW2
Living in a country at War
We were fighting for our survival
Along with Poland ,Norway & Holland
Then there was Belgium & France and more
Young men conscripted to Military Service
In Khaki and Blue the National Anthem would sing
Shoulders back and heads held high the order of the day
In the service of his Majesty the King
They fought long and hard to achieve the goal
To end the misery and reign of the German dictator
Part of my childhood and history in the making
And I was but a mere young lad and spectator
But sadly many died or became Prisoners of War
In Concentration Camps they were kept in detention
Horrifically treated ,tortured and starved
With no regard for the Geneva Convention
Auschwitz , Belsen ,Buchenwald and Dachau just four
71 camps in total were in operation
Bullied beaten, tortured or killed
Many used for racial extermination
Only with their liberation was the full story told
Of man’s inhumanity to man, that will ever remain
And a hopeful resolve with the world at large
That it must never be allowed to happen again
More than 70 years have passed since that eventful day
When these captives were allowed to return
As broken souls to continue their lives
Once more in peace and contentment their main concern


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