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Will we be remembered
By future generations ?
Or will there be a ‘ Cover-up ‘
Ignored by spineless Nations ?

Inside Auschwitz time stands still
Each lonely day the same
Does the World know we are here ?
While ‘ Nazi’s ‘ play their game

I didn’t ask to be a Jew
But now I’m here I’m proud
If I survive and leave here
I’ll tell the World out loud

The evil men that beat us
Give death out on a ‘ Whim ‘
They have no right to kill us
Not me, or you, or him

The ‘ Capo ‘ sees me thinking
That’s not allowed in here
I’m punished with a knotted branch
They rule by brutal fear

I give no satisfaction
My eyes betray no pain
There’s nothing left to take from me
He beats me once again

I take his beatings daily
For this I must survive
To tell the World about this place
I must remain alive

When this war is over
As one day it must be
We’ll hang the ‘ Nazi Criminals ‘
From up the nearest tree

How can humans be so cruel ?
The power to their heads
How can they go home each night
Sleep soundly in their beds ?

Two years I’ve been inside this camp
And I can wait two more
The World must know this story
Caused by this senseless war

My Wife and Sons, they all have gone
‘ Selected ‘ that first day
But I have sworn I must survive
‘cause someone has to pay

To anyone who reads this
Though long dead I may be
Show it to your children
So all the World will see

Put a stop to all these wars
The ‘ Genocide ‘ of nations
Let’s live in peace and harmony
And ban these ‘ aberrations ‘


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