Swings and Roundabouts

Wide eyed and restless; The way you make me feel. Wide eyed and restless; Was that part of the deal? No one said it would be easy, But no one warned me. When I end up crazy; Some may scorn me, Others may mourn me.

Cosmetic Surgery

“Be strong today” “Be brave”, they said in unison. Easy to say For those distanced from your confusion. But to one who thinks he knows you well, And, let’s face it, Who can ever really tell? I find it really quite fetching To see you wanting to turn beauty into...

Ground Zero

I’ve crawled through the desolate wastelands of your soul to reach ground zero. Past blackened, charred reminders of battles waged and lost. I’ve breathed the acrid stench of scorched flesh along the way. I’ve choked on the ashes of your past and cried myself to...


I’m cold. Will you warm me? You can warm me; WILL you warm me? CAN you warm me? I’m cold. I’m still cold.

I Believe

I believe that Tuesday follows Monday; And I believe that, someday, I could be content With someone heaven sent. And I believe she means it When she says she sees it In me, but who am I? The one who has to try to be All for her that she is to me. I believe that the...