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The B V.

Across rough terrain
Or trundling into battle.
The BV would be strapped in.
So the bloody thing didn’t rattle.
The BV was a life support machine.
More important than the vehicle itself.
It or they sat just above the first aid kit.
On the back door, on a purpose built shelf.

What ever was happening during the day.
The BV was permanently plugged in.
If the water inside was allowed to go cold.
The commanders patience would wear thin.
Hot water could be provided.
At anytime day or night.
So to prevent any mishaps.
They were kept strapped in tight.

Hot water for washing and shaving.
Making mugs of soup, coffee or tea.
The BV played a vital role.
And to success in battle, they were key.
Sometimes vehicles went down to just one.
But this didn’t dampen spirits.
We could still provide food and hot drinks.
There would be no limits.

There was an order, to who got drinks.
The commander always came first.
Obviously he was the vehicle Commander.
It was important to quench his thirst.
Then it was the driver.
Followed by the soldiers in the back.
But whoever made the brews,
Be prepared to take some flak.

Breakfast, dinner and tea.
Bacon and eggs, or spaghetti bolognese.
Non military personnel just would understand.
What an important role the BV plays.
The BV is the provider of delicious food.
At the end of a busy day fighting wars.
You’ll see steam bellowing from their lids.
As they pull up, and open their back doors.

Infantry soldiers, starving and ready for a meal.
The BV produces some mouth watering cuisine.
All cooked by the sprogg of the call sign.
In preparation for the nighttime routine.

Gordon Duff©

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  1. Jan Hedger

    Feeding the inner soul! And a hot brew!


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