Babylonian Dreams 02 – On the Airport Road

by | Nov 20, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

It was on the airport Road,
a burning dash through
dust swirled by spinning wheels

Snatch Landrover bouncing over
jagged humps, mobile coffin
waiting to be filled –

Then the whooomp
of the roadside bomb,
wheels lifting clear,
helpless in black air.
Floor splitting,
no armour underneath
to hold back tomorrow.

Thin metal peeled back –
a careless twist of paper
discarded on the airport road.

Hearing broken, eyes blind,
bodies flying –

In this concussive maelstrom
we departed.

the curtain lifted, and here’s eternity

our beginning and
our end.

On the airport road,
Improvised explosive device.
Introduction to eternity device
A burning dash through dust
Swirled by spinning wheels.


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