Babylonian Dreams 10 – Where are we now

by | Nov 18, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

We who kept our faith and left so suddenly?

You could say that bullet and bomb
called us before our time
into bright pastures of a shining eternity.

You could say
it was the armour
thin enough
to accommodate death’s invitation
that did the trick:

lack of air support,
too few flak jackets,
wrong co-ordinates on a map.

You could say this,
you could say that:

litany of excuses
falling through fractured air,
tumbling over
like slow debris
after the bomb’s swift blast.

However it was,
hearing gone,
vision blind:
We died.

But here,
here we find
the time of dying
is only the time of beginning

here, new senses rule
and the time of beginning
is only the time of home-coming,

circles meet their ends
and start once more,

never too early, never too late.
For here the trains do run on time
and we have meetings to be made

where there is no such thing as accident
Life is not killed,
dear friend, only changed..
Death has brought us newly made
In this bright beginning,

waiting to emerge
a shining eternity.


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