Back home

by | Jun 10, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Once a year we stand and we pray
For those who risk their lives through night and through day.
Shivering from cold and deprived of their sleep.

Back home the crowds protest, and the widows? They weep.

At the end of the day we can return to our home;
Yet they must stay alert in the foreign land that they roam,
Constantly watchful for any close threat.

Back home their loved ones can only worry and fret.

Fighting in wars that were not their choice;
In the political engine they have a very small voice.
Yet when the drums roll, they answer the call.

Back home do we pledge to support “through it all”?

War is not pretty, and it never will be;
What the media shows is not what the soldier does see.
They stand and they fight because that is their job.

Back home in the city they are sought by lynch mob.

Remember then your role in this, our fight:
Regardless of whether you think that war is wrong, or is right,
The soldiers stand out there playing their part.

Back home we must keep them in mind, and in heart.


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