Back in control

by | Mar 24, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

It takes a great deal of courage
To put down your thoughts in rhyme
To try to explain to others
How you may feel from time to time
Your past keeps returning to haunt you
Living deep within your soul
But now you’re fighting those demons
And starting to have control
You’ve taken the step to share with others
What causes you to want to scream
A recurring constant nightmare
Instead of sleep perchance to dream
Tho pills may help to dull the pain
The memories don’t seem to fade
But soon you’ll notice the difference
With the courage you’ve displayed
For now you may travel the road ahead
Yours troubles will seem to fly
Along with the constant fear you’ve suffered
And thoughts you’d be better to die
For now there is light in the road ahead
A chance of return to your former self
And leave the terror and torment of the past
Well and truly packed on the shelf
To enjoy once again the life you enjoyed
With your loving family and friends
To erase those distant memories that returned
Each day as the night time descends
Peace & Happiness & Tranquility
Once again as you return from your life of hell
The gates of imprisonment swing open
Releasing you from your prison cell
So now you can move ever forward
You’ve conquered those demons within your soul
As a Soldier you’ve won the hardest battle of you Life
And you are now the one in control


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