Bah Humbug! (Christmas is coming)

by | Dec 12, 2015 | Poetry | 0 comments

No carols sung around yon Christmas tree
Nor jingle bells be heard within my home
Tho mulled the wine, twill wash right over me
As I am of a mind to be alone
Where once I was the life and soul; no more
What cheer I felt has long since pass’d me by
Such joy displayed I canst but now abhor
In place of raising glass, tis now mere sigh
Should ‘Marley’s ghost’ at length decide to call
Twud no more change my ways, than feed my stance
By showing me the past; what may befall
Just strengthens my resolve in ‘Now’ perchance
For all among who hoped for said ‘Sea Change’
Yule need to turn the Tide (at such close range)


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