Band of Brothers

by | Dec 12, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

This band of brothers are brave steadfast and strong,
Shoulder to shoulder they stand as one,
Together in body and mind,
Unquestionable! They belong.

As comrades they stand like the weapons they carry,
Well polished and true, to each other,
Heavy is the metal of his armour,
And the promise that he has for his brother.

A unit of men who stand for each other,
In oath of true allegiance for his country,
Bound together in conflict and in peace,
In life and there after, for ever.

United is this Band of Brothers,
All living the same need,
To sleep this night with all,
In the safety and comfort of each other.

Each with the knowledge that all
Will be taken home to their fatherland,
Knowing they’ll return to their mothers! Their beginning.
If one of their Brothers should fall.

All with a view to finish this battle with honour,
To a Soldier a dream fulfilled,
Then each will pray to walk this day together,
On homeland turf, arm in arm with his Band of Brothers.


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