Band of Strangers

by | Aug 13, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

A band of strangers, different men
Different women, different den
Lives so separate, so far apart
Yet feelings shared, as if from the same heart

This band of strangers, so different then
Destined to meet, but un-written when
Service so different, such different times
Yet feelings shared, as if stood on the same line

A band of strangers, who planned to meet
After years of mistrust, it’s no mean feat
On a sunny but mild November’s day
This red-letter day would pave the way

This band of stranger’s, that all came together
Bonded at once, as if friends forever
With words unspoken, they knew in a way
That this was a bond that would never fade away

A band of brothers, united and strong
Protecting each other from those who’d do wrong
The world’s biggest family, all shiny and new
We’re all here waiting, with a big welcome for you


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