Before the Tide Doth Turn

by | Jun 7, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

Alone at night in vain pursuit
I stroll upon a dreamtime beach
Where countless shells reflect the light
From stars, save one, ‘tis out of reach
In spreading shoulders open wide
To span expanse of ocean’s floor
Perchance to cause a rising tide
Which brings thee safely thence to shore
Espying mermaid’s warning light
Lest ships should flounder out at sea
I hold my breath a thousandth time
Whilst falling down on bended knee
Come hither fill my empty heart
Pass o’er the waves on billowed sail
Fair trades that follow charted course
Set thee alight on shingled shale
Before the tide doth turn pray tell
Of yonder place from whence thou came
If then should catch the evening swell
Couldst leaveth here at least thy Name


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