‘Begrudge me not’

by | Apr 25, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

No more the tainted breath of wine
No more the jealousy ’twas mine
For in the sight of evil sin
Then nor again does either win.

No more the depth of sleepless nights
Because of arguments and fights
Thoughts racing through suspicious mind
Dark hatred never far behind.

The loving look that she bestows
Upon a man she hardly knows
A look that once was meant for me
That look, I never more shall see.

Little secrets that we once shared
Sexual games, that we once dared
Because our love was true and free
Begrudge me not my jealously.

She took the vows ‘In poor or wealth’
Broke them apart with evil stealth
Now I no longer have a wife,
Begrudge me not my bitter life.


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