Behind the razor wire

by | Apr 2, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

A dark and quite moment
When the working day is through
I sit behind the razor wire
My thoughts drift to you

I’m a fit and able soldier
In a war that should not be
Whilst brother you fight a different war
And it lays siege upon your knees

When I here the sirens screaming
Mortars coming in!
I can run and dive for cover
Until it’s safe to move again

For you there are no warning signs
You’re already on the floor
Lying until morning
When the pain recedes once more

They teach me, Faith, integrity
They expect courageous deeds
Whilst their colleagues in our government
Deny your basic needs

We are brothers fighting different wars
At home and lands afar
But yours has waged the longer
And been more difficult by far

A dark and quite moment
As the day draws to its end
We sit behind the razor wire
Soldiers, Brothers, Friends


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