Behold the Sunset

by | Nov 28, 2016 | Poetry | 0 comments

The night has ended sleeplessly
The new dawn is descending
Will the day break with a cloudless sky
Or rain that’s never ending
Slowly daylight fills the skies
Clear blue with a hint of mist
A golden glow is growing now
As though by Heaven Sun kissed
‘ere long the day is fully awake
Blue skies with not a hint of cloud
The Golden Ray of the Sun now
Covering the night time shroud
Bringing warmth to the countryside
Encouraging the crops to grow
To the fullness of fruition
From the tiny seeds that we sow
Nature in all its fullness
Animals everywhere
To and fro as they run in freedom
Enjoying the warm Summer air
Slowly the day seems to pass now
And the Sun is setting in the West
Creating a sky full of beauty in colour
Blue Pink Mauve & Gold at its best
With radiance in the background as the dusk approaches
Preparing the sky for the night
Turning out the rays of the Sun at Sunset
Like extinguishing Nature’s exquisite light.


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