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So silent
The call, the waiting
Oh how it kills me
How it plays on my tired and frail mind
I am here, forever close to you
But how I miss my family and friends
How I miss the smell of English winter
The songs of Christmas cheering.

True love
How beautiful and bright
But the sacrifice hurts me
I want to be strong for my love
I want to stand tall in her hour of need
But I can’t
I want to embrace Beijing with open arms
But I can’t.

My sweet home
My family, my friends
I miss you all everyday
I feel so far away from you all
I feel their must be a choice
But I hate to think about it
I don’t want to throw true love away
But maybe it’s out of my hands now .

So awkward and unfulfilled
But beautiful and sharing
Like her smile, like her ways
Oh God, I’m so torn
Please give me the strength to believe
That I can make something of my life here
I don’t want to throw this away
Just because of fear


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