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Believe you can run the fastest races…
And Faith will accompany you,
To speed you on your course.

Believe you can go the furthest distances…
And Miles will become Inches,
To shorten your journey.

Believe you can ascend to the highest heights…
And Mountains will lay down before you,
To smoothen your way.

Believe you can dive to the deepest depths…
And Shallows will uphold you,
To deliver you from despair.

Believe you can overcome all weaknesses…
And Fortitude will provide sustenance,
To endow you with strength.

Believe you can right all wrongs…
And Trust will befriend you,
To accord you its fairness.

Believe you can bear the greatest pains…
And Succour will be your companion,
To give you comfort.

Believe you can endure the cruellest misfortunes…
And Fate will be kind unto you,
To gladden you with joy.

Believe you can surmount all obstacles…
And Barriers will crumble before you,
To open all doors.

Believe you can accomplish the hardest trials…
And Dignity will deign with reverence,
To bestow its respect on you.

Believe you can act with the greatest restraints…
And Patience will guide you,
To favour you with freedom.

Believe you can resolve all lingering doubts…
And Serenity will embrace you with calmness,
To assuage you of your fears.

Believe you can learn from your experiences…
And Wisdom will be your teacher,
To impart knowledge unto you.

Believe you can meet with the loftiest ideals…
And Opportunity will be your servant,
To bring you fulfilment.

Believe you can aspire to the greatest virtues…
And Honour will confer grace unto you,
To bless you with all its glory.

Believe you can achieve anything you wish…
And Success will abide with you always,
To bequeath you its rewards.

Believe you can…and yours is the future.



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