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Oh, I am having such a wonderful time!
This war brings new life; warmth into my cold walls
When I hear that long drawn out sound
I know they are coming!
Families; children, mothers and fathers
The smell of kitchens, floor-polish, that nurturing smell
Comforting me, wrapping its arms around me
Saying ‘we are here, you are loved!’
I enfold them in my space
Protecting them; it is my job
I have shared the brief kiss of a departing lover
Watched babes suckle, as the matriarchal mother
Tells stories of hope to sleepy eyed children, whilst
The quiet tears of her grief intermingle with mine
I have felt every frustrated footstep of a pacing father
Saying ‘I shouldn’t be here!’
I want to tell them ‘I am here!’
But I have not been granted the power of speech
Instead I am the silent presence
Who they run to in their fear
But, what about me? What about my fear?
Oh! Let it never end – don’t lock me away
Alone once more
Life was so lonely for a cellar
Before the bombs came


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