Beneath my skin

by | Apr 15, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

Locked away
trapped in silence
trying to escape
The rage building
but kept inside
cannot hide much longer
Hidden away forever
while the voices in my head
keep getting louder
I can’t hold it much longer
this feeling inside me
just about to burst
I scream for help
guards come to my aid
but just to shut me up
I’m going insane
the beast boils inside
unknown to me till now
The pain, I try to shrug
the beast that’s coming out
to take me over
I’m on the edge
about to tip over
the beast is beneath my skin
I scream louder now
guards come again
but they don’t see me
My skin starts to crawl
and claws grow from me fingers
the beast is coming out
Razor sharp teeth
screaming in pain
I am less than human
The guards stand amazed
looking through the bars
and opening the cage
They walk in
trying to control me
but they cannot
They grab my arms
they point their weapons
get the f*** away from me!
I struggle to keep control
and I attack the guards
flung across the room like paper
I break these chains
and I run out the door
breaking free from my cell
Trapped for years
now tasting fresh air
a free man
The beast is now calm
I am back in control
though he cannot be contained
I am frightened
of this beast inside
and what he will become
Because I am afraid
that this beast of mine
will become me
What if it has already…


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