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Believe you will lose…and you are beaten,
Before you have given your all.
Think that success is just fleeting…
And disquiet on you will befall.
There is but one future for losing…
There is but one time for defeat;
To be judged with the rest…at the end of the quest,
When the ultimate task is complete.

Believe you will falter…and you are destined
To wander in shadows of gloom.
To be felled by the rampaging whirlwind…
And condemned to your full wretched doom.
To concede to the concerns of failure
Is to give up all hope and all care;
At torment’s behest…to dwell in unrest,
And the abject disgrace of despair.

Believe you will win…and you will master
Cruel fate and misfortune’s disdain.
Take good measure over disaster…
To triumph again and again.
In each unremitting endeavour
By honourable ideals remain true;
To aspire to do best…whatever the test,
Is all that can be asked of you.

Believe you will love…and you are living
In humanity’s cherished embrace.
Be generous, kind and forgiving
To those who have need of such grace.
Regardless of merit or favour
Strive always with each one to share…
A compassion possessed…in a quietude blessed,
And the chance for prosperity fair.



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