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Time to remember the good times
Before age and infirmity called
When youth gave you unending vigour
Before you felt useless and stalled

Time to remember your first love
Who set your poor heart in a whirl
How she would thrill and delight you
You swore there ‘d be no other girl

Time to remember the next girl
Who managed to change your whole life
She was the one that you wanted
To marry and become your new wife

Time to remember the children
The joy and the sorrow they’d bring
One day they left you despairing
The next day they made your heart sing

Time to remember the sorrow
When your great love was taken away
Time to remember the heartache
Of trying to live day to day

Time to remember how easy
It was to shut out the world
Wrap a dark blanket round you
Deny that you want it unfurled

Time to to remember your loved ones
Determined to stop your despair
Where would you be now without them
And the love they wanted to share

Time to stop thinking of things past
Of loves and joys that you knew
Take heart from the love that is offered
Time to start thinking of you


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