Beyond all Price

by | Aug 30, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

‘Pernicious and pugnacious’ we may be
But there’s the other side to see.
That readiness to take offence
Can often lead to quick redress.
That dourness of the aspect, too,
Allows the joy of sunlight through.
Our pennypinching’s-a harmless jest
We’re just a spendthrift as the rest.
Tears within our eyes soon form
If there’s a sad note to a song…
And, though, we have our faults-it’s true
There can’t be more than one or two.
Of course, there is the sin of pride
To cast the sails against the tide.
But, all in all, we do our bit
Possess a certain pawky wit.
And so, I offer you this toast-
‘There’s much of which we all can boast.
And, though, we’re different in a sense
We’re flesh and blood when all is said.
There’s much that binds us in this life
And, that’s, one thing beyond all price…’


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