Biscuits Brown

by | Mar 20, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Biscuits Brown
You can’t help but frown
As you bite on down
On a biscuit brown

Someone once told me they were edible
I find that totally incredible
They give you meat paste
To disguise the taste
But you still do not eat them with haste
Have you ever eaten the meat paste?

The biscuit brown has always been around
My granddad left some to be handed down
It fills me with gloom
To have this as a family heirloom

Way back in the day you would also get a packet of garibaldi
A soft raisin filled biscuit
Loved by all who ate them

But the cut backs ensured
That we would have to endure
A biscuit brown with some raisins to be found
They tried to fool us
And called them Fruit biscuits AB
But we all know AB stands for Absolute Bollocks

So Mr Civvi consider yourself in luck
It is not part of your daily tuck
Or sold in the shops
Because it is one biscuit that will never be out of stock
Purely because it likes crunching a rock


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