‘Bitter Hate.’

by | Apr 22, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

In God’s once green and tender land,
All our children in fear now stand,
of bitter wars, and fearsome death,
and politician’s lying breath.

Led down the path of race and hate,
to stand in line as bomber’s bait,
No longer do they ask for toys,
No longer girls! No longer boys!

They learn to care for bomb and gun,
and killing now is just for fun.
To them a life is of no worth,
they start to hate, right from their birth.

If drugs and drink could hide the pain,
there would, be naught on Earth to gain.
Why on Earth should they give a damn
when in their face, God’s door did slam?

No love for Brother, God or King
No longer joy to God they sing
No longer girls! No longer boys!
But only used as killing toys.


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