Black Ice

by | Jan 14, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

I looked out my window this morning
To see people skating on ice
Light rain had fallen quite early
And froze to the ground in a trice

It wasn’t just folk who were skating
Motorists were trying it too
Revving their poor little engines
Not knowing just what to do

When finally they came to a standstill
They’d probably travelled a yard
It took them some time to discover
That driving on ice is quite hard

As they opened their doors in frustration
Pedestrians slid stately by
Trying hard to get grip on the black ice
Whilst stifling the odd anguished cry

A few managed to stop themselves falling
Though some of them fell in a heap
One driver was quite shocked to notice
His car slipping away down the street

The appearance of a big double decker
Filled everyone with fear and with dread
But somehow the driver kept steady
With his eyes popping out of his head

When everything finally looked settled
The bus driver muttered a cuss
A Range Rover came round the corner
And slid gracefully into the bus

No-one was injured–just shaken
The passengers began to alight
Seeing them suddenly start skating
Stuck me as a comical sight

By the time that I finished my shower
The traffic had started to ease
It could all be repeated tomorrow
The snow isn’t forecast to cease

The radio said not to venture
I don’t want to brag or to boast
I did what the police chief advised us
I made myself fresh tea and toast


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