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They will be home for Christmas
Where have we heard that before?
Another speech, another promise
Some other time, some other war.

Just as Mr Blair commits
Our troops to conflict in the east
In parliament he comfortably sits
With other hogs all there to feast.

Around the trough with U.S. friends
All jockeying for prime position
Deciding who the next they’ll send
To all of reason, refuse to listen.

The Black Watch they came back alright
To the wives, the kids, the friends, the lovers
Most off the plane a welcome sight
But five were wrapped in union colours.

Lowe, McHale, McArdle too
All so young and in their prime
Along with Grey and Tukatu
Taken long, before their time.

I’m sure their families all were told
The price they paid was justified
With folded flag, they tightly hold
Knowing that, its all just lies.

So Mr Blair when you look back
At what has been “achieved”
Examine closely events in Iraq
And think at length of those that grieve.


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