Blow up Sal

by | May 4, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

In this, my far-off land of forgotten dreams

You came, and you went away too fast it seems

Just like, the scalding hot tempest’s burning smoke

Your fire was out when I suddenly awoke.

I stroked the warm embers of sheer delight

But alas! They would not even come alight

I took my wand, to create a magic spell

T’was like pouring coins down a wishing well.

I coaxed, and then murmered sweet words of love

I sent a solemn prayer to the Gods above

Yet not a flicker! Nor even a little spark

Like a blind man walking through a barren park.

I am so annoyed with this lack of pleasure,

For when we met, I thought I’d found a treasure

So I shall return you to the shopping Mall

You rotten blow-up doll that I called Sal…


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