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From the time one is born into this world
There is lifelong mystery
Concerning the way a child will grow
And reach their maturity
For Females it is a matter of progression
As from a Girl to a Young Woman they grow
But this doesn’t apply to the male of the species
For it takes much longer for them to although
When young they will bounce on their Mother’s knee
Perhaps on the floor play with a few toys
Then over the years progression for them means
They’re bigger toys for bigger boys
Now this is where comes a twist in the tale
As true story I’m telling unfolds
For it seems that the females will shun these lads
And keep them outside of their strongholds
And then at their leisure they may let them enter
Under surveillance all the time
To make sure just what their intentions are
Are they really little angels sublime
But once the die is cast and unions made
The young ladies seem to be left in some doubt
Have these cheeky chaps answered their questions with truth
Or is there something they’ve purposely left out
It is now you may notice there’ll be a wind of change
As the lads seem to hedge to & fro
Without a straight answer to the questions they’re asked
Which is what the ladies are wanting to know
Excuses run rife as the battle seems lost
Tho’ proudly they still battle on
With untruths and a play on sympathy
When they know that all hope has gone
Now that is when they come to the end of the road
Like a locomotive as it hits the buffers
Which unfortunately leaves the male populace
The reputation of a load of old “bluffers”.


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