Born Again

by | Apr 15, 2015 | Poetry | 0 comments

Your the angel in my darkness
The void that fills my hole
Your The every beat that pumps my heart
The meaning to my soul

Your eyes see good that lies beneath
The tainted skin above
Your the Noah to my ark
The relaser of my dove

You woke me up to taste my dreams
Allowed reality to set in
Your maternal pat upon my back
Now my rebirth can begin.

Your voice the truth I needed
Asurring as need be
The words of Ultimation
Gave the path that I now see.

I owe to you my heartbeat
The air that takes my breath
The chance I always wanted
Another way than death

I give to you my soul to keep.
Its yours as is my sight
You need them now please do not weep
your the angel to my delight!


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